Implementing digital care transformation to expand and deliver new forms of patient access is only part of the equation.


It requires a multi-step process and a holistic approach to achieving safe, consistent, and convenient delivery of care. 

To bridge the gap between consumers’ expectations and experiences, it will need connectivity and collaboration across the healthcare system. 



Blumoon Healthcare Solutions is revolutionizing the country’s healthcare services by providing the Next Generation Healthcare System that is: 

Patients have better access to information needed to make decisions about their health by providing safe, quality and appropriate healthcare services.


Our automated and integrated workflows simplify the processes translating to efficient and effective services. Processes can easily be improved to achieve perfection in hospital or clinic operations.


Inspired by consumer technologies, delivery of care adapts to everyday life. It provides consistent and convenient options for patients to connect, comply and communicate with their care plan.

The Next Generation Healthcare System

Hospital Information System


Based on Open-Digital Architecture which allows secured Integration via Standard APIs.

Ease of Use

The simplicity of design and function is the only way to be completely intuitive.  The light and relaxed look and feel make it effortless to use for hours.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Deployed in the cloud and allows Offline access.

Single Portal Sign-on

No Need to sign-in with different modules and systems.

Mobile-Responsive Design

Automatically adapts to different screen devices.

Automated Workflows

Built-in workflows to enhance patient experience and to simplify the human element of process.


Allows single sign-on. All modules are seamlessly integrated for an automated workflow.


Compliance with industry standards and a holistic approach in applications, infrastructure, and processes are keys to maintaining a secure environment.

Core Modules

Patient Management

Patient Profile

Case Management​

Services & Activity Scheduling​

Electronic Medical Records

Hospital Management

Nursing Services

Ancillary Services

Inventory Management 

Items & Services Catalogue​

Revenue Management



Pricing Catalogue

Claims Management

Note: Other modules and components are available for client discussion. 

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